Ladies Summer Section format - 2013

Order of play - 3 Pairs @ 501, 2 Triples @ 601, 6 singles @ 401 & 1 Six @ 701. Playing Order for the six is as shown for the six singles listed after the triples have been played.

Complete the summer scored card with the first 6 players in positions 1 to 6.

Away team to throw first and then teams throw alternatively for the following games. 

12 games to be played, each game awarded one point (e.g. Team "A" - 8 Legs v Team "B" 4 Legs = 8 Points for Team "A" & 4 points for Team "B").

The team with the most points wins the section. If a section is a tie, a play-off will decide the winner.

Matches can end in a draw.

Players can only play for one team in the summer. A person throwing one dart is deemed as playing for that team.

Players playing in the Section Play offs & Finals night MUST have played at least 3 “SINGLES” games within the ten matches available, to be eligible to play.

Only 6 Trophies will be awarded for section & champions winners. Teams can purchase more, but at their own cost.


Complete the summer scored card with the first 6 players in positions 1 to 6.

Draw to be done for the 3 pairs & 2 triples only.


Play the pairs & triples

After the pairs & triples both captains must inform each other if they are changing any players.

You can only change up to 2 players

Put the new players in positions 7 & 8 depending on the changes & place an asterisk (*) against the names of the players you are taking out.

Change the players on the board before doing the singles draw

Do the singles draw & play the remainder of the matches.